3 Things You Didn't Know About Bunk Beds

1: Bunk beds are more than a place to sleep... they are often the place where early childhood secrets are shared and dreams for when I grow up first come to life. And as your child's dreams grow, our stackable bunk beds will grow with them, because you can turn each bunk bed into two individual beds. See our wide selection of bunk beds and pick the bed that's perfect for your little dreamer.

2: You may think the top bunk is always a child's first choice, but many children prefer the bottom bunk - with a few blankets and a little imagination, it easily transforms to a fort or secret hideout. Whatever your child's preference, our bunk beds are built tough to stand up to the play they inspire; in fact, each of our beds is tested to support 400 lbs. Please understand that the TESTED weight is quite different than actual suggested weight limits. Recommended top bed weight limit would be 200lbs -225lbs with the metal center support max.

3: Not all bunk beds are created equal. Buying one of our bunk beds guarantees versatility, because all of our bunk beds easily accommodate a 3-drawer storage unit or a trundle bed underneath them. Plus, pair our wide selection of accessories with our flat rate shipping and you can get everything you need without paying extra for each item.

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