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Are the Discovery World Furniture Beds made in the USA?

They are partially assembled in the US ( basically every part of the bed that has a drawer is built here in Florida ) but the wood is grown in Brazil and New Zealand and Vietnam, then processed and partially assembled then shipped to Florida where we finish rebox and ship them to you.

What is the weight limit for DWF beds?

Many people ask us what the recommended age limit and weight limits for the Discovery World Furniture Beds, there really is no age limit it is more of a weight limit. All kids are different and they grow up at different speeds, it is really up to you and the child or adult to determine when they are comfortable climbing a ladder or stairs to use the upper beds. As for Adults and Teens use let us first explain how bunk beds are tested and rated. In order for a bed to be meet ASTM safety standard they have to be 3rd party tested and the top beds have to be able to support 400lbs for at least 5 minutes before the the structure fails. How this is done is simple, the testing company assembles the bed just like you would, weighs and adds the mattress and then slowly spreads weight evenly across the entire top bed area until they reach 400lbs if the bed fails before that it does not pass and cannot be sold legally in the US.

The 400lb distributed weight rating is the testing weight rating, this is not jumping up and down weight. The Discovery World Furniture are plenty strong but do not think that you can put a 400lb person on the top bunk, as there would be no way for them to get to the lay down position without focusing a lot of weight onto 1 or 2 slats at a time. If you have jumpy kids or larger teens or adults that will be using the bed then we recommend you purchase the Metal Center Support Slats. The metal center supports help to spread the weight out across the slats and adds 2 other support points of contact, one on the headboard and one on the footboard. The intent of the steel support bar is to keep individual slats from failing when pressure is focused on a small area rather than increasing the weight limit by a specific amount.

Our recommendation for the top bed max weight would be around 200lbs or up to 250lbs with the metal center supports. We do sell these beds to youth camps, colleges, firehouses, and mens and women's shelter and have had very few calls about beds breaking from normal use. If you are planning on using these bed in a commercial applications like rental properties, we strongly recommend buying the metal center supports.

Thanks, Drew

What is the fastest that I can get my order delivered?

We cannot guarantee how fast or how soon orders will arrive as we use many different shippers and we ship all over the country. We ship out of Florida so the closer you are to FL the faster you should get your order. Here are some other TIPs to get the order delivered the quickest way possible. Order place before NOON and pay HOT RUSH $39 we can be shipped out in 1 business day or even the same business day IF the billing address and shipping address is the same.

Once orders are picked up they historically take 2-6 business days to arrive ( EAST Coast Orders CENTRAL and WEST Coast orders could take longer ). The fastest delivery service is the FREE curbside delivery. If you select any white glove shipping upgrades ( aside from HOT RUSH ) the order will take longer to arrive. We will also email you a shipping and tracking email once the order is picked up so you can follow the order and be proactive and call the shipper to get on the delivery schedule that can also help to get the delivery quicker.

if your billing address is different than your shipping address then use pay pal for the purchase or again the order will be slowed down due to the extra step of ID verification.

How long will it take to receive my bunk beds or other furniture?

All of the furniture deliveries are all scheduled in advance by the shipper directly with you before they show up to make sure you are home to sign for and take possession of the order. So please make sure to include your best daytime phone numbers. Basically how it works is once you place your order we go to work to palletize the order and load waiting trucks... Monday - Friday only. Orders are usually processed in 2 business days then the load is picked up from our warehouse. After your order is picked up they go to a shipping terminal where the paperwork in inputed and the order is then placed on a truck headed for your state, at this time you will be able to use the tracking ( PRO # ) that is emailed to you once the order is picked up from our warehouse.

Once orders are picked up it usually takes 3-6 business day for orders shipping East of the Mississippi ( Historic Averages ) Order shipping West of the Mississippi historically should take anywhere from 4-10 business days depending on the distance from Florida

The shipper usually calls 1-2 days in advance to schedule a delivery day / time, so make sure that your information is all accurate ( double check email address, and make sure both daytime phone numbers have voice mail or answering machines so you do not miss the shippers call as that can slow down delivery times.

On a side note if you do know your work schedule and would like to be proactive you can always reach out to the shipper by calling their 800 number when the order is in your State, but not earlier, and requesting a delivery date be scheduled.

Which method do you use for shipping?

We use common carriers to ship our freight. the order is palletized, banded and shrink-wrapped at the warehouse. In the case of sending replacement parts or hardware, we usually use UPS if the package size is small enough.

Will somebody have to be home to receive the furniture shipment?

Yes. All furniture must be signed for - no exceptions.

What if my furniture never arrives?

This is an extremely rare occurrence, but has been known to happen. Usually this is due to an organizational breakdown on the part of the freight company or incorrect information given at the time of the order, and the furniture was accidentally put on the wrong truck. If this happens to you, we will need to contact the freight company and begin the process of tracking down the shipment. This will cause an unavoidable delay in delivering your furniture, but we require a reasonable amount of time to locate the shipment before making the decision to re-ship your order (usually 1 week). Be sure to provide the correct address and phone number when placing your order!

What can I expect to happen during the delivery?

All of our deliveries are curbside, which means the driver unloads your boxes at the end of our driveway or in front of your apartment building. This is so that you are able to determine if there is visible damage to any of the boxes. He/she may ask for your assistance with a bulky/heavy piece, so if you are physically able, please lend a hand.

What do I do if the furniture arrives and I suspect there is damage?

Once the driver has unloaded all of the boxes from the truck, please inspect the outside of the boxes before signing the delivery receipt. If you notice box damage, make sure you write that on the delivery receipt, as well as a notation that the shipment is "Subject to inspection." This is vital, since it is hard to file freight claim for damage that was not indicated at the time of delivery. If most of the order shows damage, we ask that you call us immediately while the driver is there as you may need to refuse the shipment.

What do I do if I find damage once I begin unpacking the furniture?

We will ask you to provide digital picture of the damage pieces.

What should I do if I have missing pieces, hardware or assembly instructions?

Be sure you unpack everything and look in any drawers before contacting us about missing parts, since that's where the hardware and instructions are usually kept. Once you have determined which pieces are missing, contact us through detailing which items you are missing so that we an send replacements.

Are there any warranties against manufacturing defects?

There is a limited warranty against manufacturing defects. If reported within the first year, we will send the replacement pieces at no charge, assuming the bed has not been abused beyond normal wear and tear. If it has been longer than a year, we will charge you the wholesale cost plus shipping for any replacement pieces.

How do I contact you?

Through one of the following methods:

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The Factory Bunk Beds Team