Price Match Disclaimer is a small Florida Business that employs just under 10 people and your order supports them and their families.  Price Matching is something new since Internet shopping has been around and give companies a chance to save sales that may be lost to other companies or free lance internet rogue sellers.  Often with the speed of the internet people just want to pay the lowest price they can for products but they may not realize that in the long run the “lowest price” might not always be the “best deal" or even the lowest price.
Here are the RULES for Price Matching.  We can only do a FAIR price match when the following occurs….
   > Products must be from the SAME manufacturer in the same color and the same size ( i.e.. FULL size or TWIN size )
   > Products being sold on competitor websites must include ALL shipping charges and ALL membership fees ( i.e..  the TOTAL delivered price ) 
   > Competitors products must be IN STOCK  ( i.e.. An advertised price for an OUT OF STOCK item cannot be price matched )
   > Price match request must be made BEFORE the order is placed we do not match or discount orders after they are made.
NOT all sellers are the same.  Here are several reasons why PRICE should not be the only reason to buy from
There are small single person operations that sell 1 or 2 beds a week so they are not able to ship as fast as we ship ( most  orders ship out in 2-3 business days and for $39 we can HOT RUSH your order and ship your order out the next business day ).   Some of these mom and pop companies simply put shipping labels on all the boxes ( most beds have 3-6 different boxes ) and ship them loose or independently to you making you responsible for shipping or freight damages, we ship palletized in order to protect the entire order, Yes it cost more money to ship on a pallet but it decreases the number of freight claims ALOT so in the long run it is better for everyone.
There are bigger company sellers that have a low price but then charge for shipping and once you add in that cost you will see right away that they are actually more expensive to buy from.  Sometimes we are not able to Price Match smaller WEST coast orders because we ship for FREE and we ship out of Florida.  If we are not able to MATCH or BEAT their price we will tell you to buy from them, but always make sure that they handle freight claims and ship your order all at the same time on a pallet for safety.
Then there are the BIG BOX stores, these companies sell every product under the sun from dog food to tooth paste, they have NO knowledge of the products they sell and do not have any kind of live talking customer service people should you have a missing or broken part.  Their price in most cases will  also not include SALES TAX up front, but they will collect TAX from you during checkout.  Depending on what city and state you are shipping the order you could end up paying and extra 6% - 8% on the entire order. 

I am sorry but we do not price match Amazon, the 2nd largest company in the USA, for a couple reasons.  First, most people pay at minimum $99 a year to be a PRIME member just to be able to buy on Amazon.  Second you must pay Sales Tax on products purchased from Amazon as they do business in almost every state.   Remember  has FREE shipping for orders OVER $999 and we do NOT collect sales tax on any furniture orders, unless you are shipping to Florida which is where we ship from and where our warehouse is located.

The main reason why we hope you end up buying from even if you have to pay a few dollars more, is for our product knowledge and customer support.  Many of the people here have been her for 10+ years we know our products inside and out and can quickly talk you off the ledge should you get confused or overwhelmed during assembly.  We can answer questions with certainty about all of our products as most of us here have not only assembled all of the beds but also have grown our families on the same products that we sell. 

Finally, and I want to be honest and upfront about this to all the people that buy furniture and large ticket items from Amazon and all the other online sellers that sell everything to everyone just understand that the people that work at those companies know absolutely nothing about the products they sell, nor are they able to answer the simplest questions or advise customer that may have assembly or part issues, even if you can find a human to speak to there.  We get calls weekly from people that purchased bedroom furniture products from Amazon asking for parts or advice and we cannot sell them parts or nor we will offer them customer support them because they did not buy from our company.