Weight Limit

Weight limit for Discovery World Furniture products.

Factory Bunkbeds only sells bunkbeds that are certified to be safe and meet the ASTM standards that are set forth by The Consumer Product Safety Commission. Many people ask us what the recommended age limit is for our bunkbeds and the simple answer is that, according the ASTM, the recommended age limit for all bunkbeds in the US is 6 years of age on the upper bunk. There is obviously no age limit for the lower bunk. You will see mandated warning labels on the top bunk and all upright cartons stating this age requirement.

Many customers also ask us what the recommended weight limit for a bunkbed is and again we defer to the ASTM and the Consumer Product Safety Commission but the answer is a bit more tricky due to nature of the test. The ASTM does not spell out a specific weight that a child can be based on passing the standard test. In a nutshell, the test mandates that 400 pounds be slowly distributed between the 2 cleats of the upper bunk on the mattress support system. This does not mean that the bed is rated for a 400 pound person. If you have a very active child, larger teens or adults that will be using the bed then we recommend you purchase the Metal Center Support. The metal center support is designed to increase the slat and bed strength by providing a 3rd rail in the center of the slat system and attaching it to the headboard and the footboard of the bed. Our general recommendation would be a person with a maximum weight of approximately 200-250lbs when using the metal center supports. We routinely sell our bunkbeds to youth camps, colleges, firehouses, and men’s and women's shelters. If you are planning on using these bed in a commercial applications, we strongly recommend buying the metal center supports.

Thanks, Drew