Tested Weight Rating VS Maximum Weight Limits

People often ask What is the beds MAX weight rating.  What they are really wanting to know if how much weigh can the bed support and what is the cut off weight limit for the person using the bed before the bed will fail.   This is a subjective question so it is hard to answer, and most all manufacturers avoid the question all together and almost never put it in writing an actual weight limit, they simply reply that the bed is ASTM tested and approved.  
There are set Consumer Safety Specification for Bunk Beds, and performance requirements to address hazards associated with falls from the upper bunk, entrapment, and structural integrity of the foundation support system.  To prevent falls or collapse of the top bunk the top bed must support 400lbs for 5 minute minimum.  To prevent heads from getting stuck in between rails, slats those spaces must no greater than 3.5 inches or less than 9 inches for ladder rungs.

Here is an example of how a bed could be tested to prove that it can support 400lbs.



The above picture is a full size bed with wooden slats and as you can see there are 2 boxes each weighing 50lbs sitting on the slats.   

***This is not an actual ASTM test just a “real" simulation for simpler explanation, a mattress would be used during the actual ASTM test.



This is a close up of the boxes that are being used to perform the “ ASTM test” they weigh 22.5 KG = 50lbs



Boxes keep getting added to the bed to increase the total testing weight, the same way its done for ASTM testing
*** The bed is now supporting 200lbs and as you can see only 5 slats are being used



2 more boxes are added the bed is now supporting 300lbs still only using half of the slats
*** please note there is NO center support for this test 



The final 2 boxes are added and the bed, using only half the slats, is supporting 400lbs of distributed weight
*** 400lbs of static or distributed weight is not the same as a living moving person weighing 400lbs 



As you can see above there wooden slats will bend before they break this adds to the strength.
Metal Slat Weight Tested
Metal slats also support the same weight as the wood slats and are also tested.
***Beds come with either 10-12 WOOD Slats or 20 METAL Slats. You do not have your choice as to which types of slats come with the bed.


How much weight can each bed support VS what is the maximum weight limit for the beds?
The ASTM proven support weight as shown above is 400lbs of “ istributed" weight.  The difference between STATIC weight and REAL weight is not easily compared and here is why.  Lets take a 100lb child and put him on the bed above you would think that there is no way that a small child or young adult could harm the bed above and you would be correct, with proper use there should be no issues at all, but if that same child jumped up and down all of his weight would be focus on 1 or 2 slats and his real weight could be closer to 200-300lbs depending on how high he is jumping.  But will all the weight focused on 1 or 2 slats it is possible that a slat or even the side rail could crack or fail completely.  This would be the same with adult use a 250-300lbs adult crawling on his or her elbows and knees. The focus of the presser pointed weight will exceed the individuals slats capacity thus pushing the limits of the beds individual parts.  
This does not mean that the beds are not strong, they are.  I personally have had the same Captains bed but in Merlot in my house for almost 10 years in my guest room and many people have stayed on that bed including myself and I weight over 200lbs.  We have had jumpy kids and couples sleeping in the bed many many times without issue.  I do recommend that when you are purchasing your beds from us make sure to ADD the metal center support if available.  The website will have a drop down menu if they are available for your selection you can get 1 for $29.99 or 2 for $39.99, if there is no drop down menu offering the center support that means the bed already come with a similar center support so it is not needed.
By design TWIN size beds are stronger than FULL size beds, but they are built and tested the same way so they are both rated the same.  The benefit of TWIN size bed especially when being used for commercial or adult use is that they do not get abused like a FULL size bed does.  We do not recommend sleeping 2 adult together on the same mattress for everyday use with the DONCO, Discovery World Furniture or Atlantic Furniture Beds.  If you want commercial grade beds to use in rental properties then you will want the Resort Life Beds.   
Here are our MAX weight recommendations for the different manufacturers.  Please remember that all manufacturers for liability reasons will NOT claim excessive weight ratings as was discussed previously even a small child can break a bed if improperly using the product.  On a side note the most abused bed that we sell is the “L” or “T” shaped loft bed where the mattress stick out opposite the top bunk.  This design temps children on a daily basis to learn to fly and if they do they bed will break 100% of the time, it happens every month.  And we do sell parts as long as you buy directly from us.
If you stuck it out this long I thank you for reading and here is the answer to the question you were asking….

DONCO Wooden Beds:  150-175lbs recommended MAX weight top bunk rating

DONCO Metal Beds Bunks:  175-200lbs recommended MAX weight top bunk rating

Discovery World Furniture Beds: 200lbs recommended MAX weight top bunk rating or 250lbs rating WITH metal center supports

Atlantic Furniture: 200lbs recommended MAX weight top bunk rating

Resort Life: 300lbs recommended MAX weight top bunk rating