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We are the number 1 bunk bed online retailer in the world.

Factory Bunk Beds has been designing and building bunk beds for more than 20 years in partnership with Discovery World Furniture. Over the span of that time, we have remained an innovator in style, function, and safety, while staying true to the iconic solid pine bunk bed, its beauty, and durability. And with more than 100,000 square feet of commercial space, we inventory all our items and collections for fast, easy ordering and delivery. When you order from FactoryBunkBeds.com, you are not just getting a bunk bed, you are getting the peace of mind from knowing every member of our staff is committed to 100% customer satisfaction, and each and every one of our bunk beds is guaranteed.

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High standards

Our mission is to provide customers with in-stock, (right here from our factory-warehouse in Florida) quality products and back it up with superior customer service. We run a tight ship, most all orders palletized and leave the warehouse in less than 48-72 hours of ordering. All of our furniture is plantation grown in Brazil to protect the rain-forests from further decimation. Brazil is a world leader in quality pine furniture and our plantation-grown Elliotis Pine has a lovely finish and lasting quality. All of our products are 100% pine. You will never find particle board or styrofoam on our products. Products include a combination of quality hardware; metal to metal connections (1/4 x 20 bolt and half moon crescent nuts), hardwood dowels for lining up parts for extra strength, and threaded metal screws.

Experience and Knowledge

You can count on our 20+ years of designing, manufacturing, selling and shipping children's furniture. We select highest grade pine from all over the world. Here is a bit about Elliotis Pine: It is a native of the coastal plains of south-eastern USA where it is known to yield excellent turpentine. Species can also be found in Brazil on poor soils at altitudes of 600-1100m (2000-3600 feet). Plantation grown in many countries on account of its freedom from serious diseases and adaptability to various climatic conditions. Unlike knotty pine Elliotis has a wider veining and because it is commercially grown for the furniture industry and has great deal less imperfections. With any natural product there are always going to be the marbling and veining but that is the beauty of natural wood and leather. Elliotis pine is durable and perfect for use in juvenile furniture as Brazilian pine is second to none.

We know our product better than anyone - after all, we are the ones researching, designing, and building our bunk beds. And our fully staffed customer service department is right here on-site to personally answer any questions you may have. Plus, we can have your bunk bed and all your accessories delivered to you using flat rate or even free shipping - saving you even more time and money. At FactoryBunkBeds.com, we specialize in combining space, safety, and style, so you can rest easy knowing your child is sleeping safely.

Safety First

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requires bunk beds to meet strict safety criteria. All of our products meet or exceed this criteria. For example, with Discovery World Furniture each bed can hold up to 400lbs of distributed weight! (About 3 times the competition!) Please understand that this is the TESTED weight, and the the actual recommended top bunk max weight rating is about 200lbs. If you add the metal center support, then the max rating for the beds goes up to about 250lbs.

You can read the specifics of the CPSC standards at here.

At FactoryBunkBeds.com, we take your family and their safety seriously. All of our bunk beds are independently tested to comply with CPSC certifications. We can provide you with a PDF of the certifications for each bunk bed you purchase.

Professional support

For as long as you own a bunk bed purchased from us, our support team is at your service for any questions or issues you may encounter with our product. Just contact us and includall of your contact information, order number, or SKU# of the bed that you have questions about. The more information we have, the quicker we can follow up with an answer.

Huge Package at a Tiny Price

At the end of the day it is all about value, and at Factory Bunk Beds we deliver the ultimate in value. You will not find a better price online for this same high quality product; we guarantee it.

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