Real Wood Bed Disclaimer

An opaque white finish on solid wood can be finicky because solid pine wood is imperfect and white will expose imperfections to some degree. Pine has knots and a high resin content, which expands and contracts as all natural woods do. The solid wood used for the white finish furniture is carefully selected to make sure that the prevalence of knots is lower than with our standard stained finishes. With an opaque, white finish its expected to see discoloration in the finish where knots are located, as well as minor cracks here and there. Expect some minor touch up over time. To further stabilize the product, Discovery World Furniture uses MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) where they can in the non structural areas. MDF is the most stable material to use when painting white furniture. The overall appearance of the product is quite good and we successfully ship the product to happy customers daily. This makes Discovery World Furniture's white finish not a “solid wood” product, but in this case is a good thing! This board is NOT particleboard but a high grade of board perfect for furniture manufacturing. It is the only way to have a white or black finished that is not "distressed". In many cases MDF is better than real wood since it does not warp or twist. In addition there are no knots to break. We have been selling this product for years with a return rate much lower than real wood. It comes fully warranted.

Buying a solid wood product is a double edge sword. Solid wood product gives you a natural look and each piece is unique. Solid wood also does not break down like particleboard or mdf when exposed to moisture. It will bend and move with extreme moisture but it will not breakdown. The negatives to solid wood is that each piece is unique and many times each component with a piece is unique and will take a finish differently because of that. Also expect minor, non-structural seasoned splitting, knots, minor natural staining in solid wood. One must remember that it is not an engineered product…you get what you get from nature and the factories need to work with and around the natural characteristics of wood. Perfection is not attainable. If you are looking for perfection, you should consider buying a engineered veneered product and give up the look, depth of finish, feel and longevity of solid wood.

Because of the above, we cannot compensate or replace items that have what is considered manufacturer acceptable imperfections.

All of our finishes are solvent based, lead free and meet U.S. regulations.