A Minimum Order of $999 is Required to Checkout and Receive Free Shipping!

United States: Our FREE Shipping option, provided by LTL-Freight is curbside service only. If you do require inside delivery you can always upgrade your shipping services at checkout. We will customize your delivery to suit your needs. Plus, we custom palletize your order so you receive it in pristine condition.

We require a minimum order of $999 before shipping to ensure we can palletize your order and reduce the possibility of damage. If we were to try and ship an individual nighstand, or dresser, for example, it would most likely be damaged when it arrived. For this reason, our minimum order requirement ensures we can send enough furniture to you on a pallet, wrapped, and easily shipped via one of our LTL shipping companies. We apologize but we cannot make exceptions to this minimum order requirement.


Orders without BEDS.  Here are www.FactoryBunkBeds.com we are known for our Great Beds, but we also sell matching case goods and mattresses to go along with those beds.  When possible it is always better for the customer to order everything they need from 1 company and at the same time.  There are 2 main reasons to do this, 1st everything will shipping together this save shipping fees and gas by using 1 truck to delivery all at the same time, the 2nd reason is that a large palletized order have a lower risk of shipping damage because it can only be moved with a fork lift or pallet jack so they are usually loaded it and handled less than a single boxed item.   
Because we do sell a variety of case goods and mattresses at incredibly low price people often try to purchase these items after they order the bed or separate from the bed purchase and that is why we have the $999 shipping minimum to stop or at least limit these single or double items orders. Mattresses are never shipped without a bed please do not order separately. Dressers, Chests, Nightstands, and underbed drawers will be shipped KD ( Knock Down ) this means they are flat packed and require assembly. Flat packing is necessary for certain orders and will be determined by our warehouse manager for best safest shipping and to avoid shipping surcharges.  
It is not that we do not want to sell them it is simply a matter of risk and exposure to damage.  There is simply no way to ship a chest or dresser from FL to CA or anywhere in between for that matter without a high exposure to shipping damage.  Because many of our case goods are fully assembled they are delicate and if they are even dropped from as little as 1 foot off the ground they can get damaged this is why we do not sell single item case goods.  
Mattresses also are never shipped without an accompanying bed purchase since we do not have boxes for our mattresses they can only ship with the bed.  When they are ordered with the bed they are banded and shrink wrapped to the pallet for their safety and the extra protection to the furniture order itself.  This is not an option with case goods and mattresses.  
Should we get a NO BED order we will still contact our 10 shipping companies to get freight quotes and depending on the products being ordered we will still try to ship the order if possible.  If we are unable to ship the order we will email the customer with any and every option that we have this could include adding a shipping surcharge to the order to cover shipping overages or extra fees to cover extra packaging for product protection or simply cancelling the order if the distance is too far or the exposure is too high.
In summary, we will never ship mattresses without a BED.  Case Goods that total over $999 still may be cancelled due to high risk of damage or excessive freight charges, but before we cancel these order will will email the customer to give them the option to cover any extra shipping charges or and extra packaging fees.  For safety we do have options to ship on a pallet $40 fee for pallet alone, crating the entire order or double boxing can range from $49-$149 depending on the order and the shipping destination.

A few exceptions on shipping locations: Please understand that we ship from Florida, and even though we do ship to all 48 contiguous states there are some remote areas in AZ, NY, WA, OR, ID, MT and CA (furthest away) that we are unable to ship to for this flat or free promotional rate. If your order falls into this category we will call or email you with any extra shipping surcharge the freight company charges us, and you will have the option to cancel your order or pay the extra shipping fees (fees can range between $20-$149). Additionally, if you are attempting to order only 1 smaller item by itself to any state, we may have to crate this box instead of palletizing in order to protect the contents. If this is the case we will inform you of the extra crate costs and again you will have the option to accept and pay the extra cost, or we can simply void/cancel the order and refund your credit card the full amount.

What about sales taxes? One of the best things when buying from Factory Bunk Beds is that we don't collect sales tax outside of Florida. Factory Bunk Beds is not responsible for individual states' sales tax reporting laws pertaining to online purchases, so we encourage you to check your state's regulations before you shop. If it is deemed that you owe sales tax in your state on a purchase you make from us outside of Florida, you should be responisble to pay the appropriate taxes yourself. Pursuant to Colorado law, the purchaser is required to file a sales or use tax return, and may be required to pay sales or use tax on certain items.


IMPORTANT - Inspect all boxes closely when the truck arrives (check for box damage, product damage and piece count). Damage to the box, in most cases, does not mean the product itself is damaged, however, if there is damage to the box it must be determined if the product is damaged as well. You have the right to inspect the product to determine this. If there is damage to the box, but the product is fine, then no notation is necessary. If the product is damaged, the notation that you or the driver makes on the bill of lading must state "Product Damaged" versus "box is damaged" - it is very important that the driver puts his initials next to any damage notations on the bill of lading. If there is ANY DOUBT or ANY CONCERN at all - it is better to be safe and NOTATE. If all damage is documented then the freight company becomes responsible and a replacement part can be immediately shipped out (via regular freight delivery service). Please do this before you sign the bill. If there are problems feel free to call customer service at 1-800-906-2865 while the truck is at your house. The best course of action, if you find damage, is to accept the damaged part and notate it on the bill of lading. On the vast majority of cases the damage is minor and only on one box and can be corrected by sending a new part by UPS. Once you have the product inside your house it is critical to unpack and check for damage and completeness. This must be done within 48 hours of receipt. No claims (in relation to concealed damage, missing parts etc) can be honored unless we are notified within the 48 hours. If a problem is found, we reserve the right to determine the best way to resolve the problem. This may be done by

  • sending out a replacement part
  • the issuing of a credit
  • replacing the entire product itself
  • sending out a touch up pen, if applicable
  • The customer may be asked to provide pictures to best determine the resolution of the problem. Rest assured we will do our best to make it right by you.

All products leave here on a custom pallet, protected with wood and cardboard,
stretched wrapped and strapped. If the product does not arrive on a pallet then the freight company has taken the product off the pallet. Please notate it on the bill of lading by writing "PALLET STRIPPED".
The boxes are protected by 1/8" brown hardboard.
This is for shipping purposes only. You may discard the hardboard upon receipt.

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